Nancy Bernardo | Mitch Goldstein

September 1-24, 2017
Reception First Friday, September 1, 6-9 PM

Free and open to the public



Gallery r presents Material Interruption, two solo presentations by RIT School of Design Faculty Nancy Bernardo and Mitch Goldstein.

Nancy Bernardo focuses on the formation of glitches as an accidental, yet common, outcome of creative work. Glitches are produced through one of two methods – manipulation of a common graphic design tool, the scanner bed, when digitizing an image, or direct digital manipulation of images through deliberate modification of the image’s underlying coding. These two methods create new images that are simultaneously intentional and unexpected, blurring the distinction between the “original” and the “fabricated.”

Mitch Goldstein examines form and methodology using darkroom photography techniques, specifically the photogram. Photograms use no cameras or lenses — instead, materials are placed on or near unexposed photographic paper and briefly exposed to light. This process results in abstract black and white compositions, which emerge unpredictably from the physical forms used in their creation. Control is relinquished, and instead intuition and chance allow form and structure to develop from the process.

BOUND: Bethany Krull & Jesse Walp

Opening First Friday October 6:
RIT Alumni Spotlight | New Rochester Biennial

Gallery r is proud to partner with Rochester Contemporary Art Center and Visual Studies Workshop on the New Rochester Biennial — dedicated to expanding the dialogue surrounding contemporary art and supporting collaboration between Rochester’s mid- sized art venues. The Biennial will continue to bring artists and arts organizations together and instigate new curatorial models. For 2017, Rochester Contemporary Art CenterVisual Studies Workshop and Gallery r have each curated exhibitions that investigate collaboration, influence and partnership.