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Patricia Russotti:
Marking Matters in Time

Opening First Friday December 1:
On view through January 21, 2018

Perhaps creating something is nothing but an act of profound remembrance. (Rilke)

It is also an act of possibility.  We come to see through our stories—the work asks how we remember but also how we produce these recollections, and what senses, what materials, what acts of gathering, cutting, lifting, and collecting anchor memories, or stage their decaying beauty as a transition for new ones.

The object or the memory, which came first? We embed memory in physical remnants of our lives in the hope that we never forget, or might be allowed a selective and elemental remembering, or in the hope that if we do forget, the object might remain to remind someone else, to enable another story.  Making is always to be undergoing the weight of things but from an imagined future that isn’t yet made.

Found and re-presented objects symbolize our engagement with nature as we navigate living, loss, aging and grief; and as we imagine what can yet become of them. Like the elements of nature, beings and their offerings are vulnerable to invisibility, or to the melancholy beauties of decay, which are here affirmed and ritualistically intoned.

This work investigates discrete collections of memory; the many layers we wrap around the day to day, for remembering, for letting go, or for discovering what, in the process, has become possible.

What’s unseen are the flows of time; the walks that made their way to these things; the hands that grasped them; the curious intimacy of the iphone that helped recollect them; the tonal and digital processing that made its way back to the hand-made and vulnerable.  Things in transition have a beauty in their decomposition.  They aren’t done becoming something else.

Günther Allen Anders    or     G.Allen Anders